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Richards Blog über seine Erfahrungen im Reverse-Programm bei uns

Richard Matey aus Ghana ist Mitarbeiter der NGO Abibiman Foundation und ergänzt im Herbst 2019 unser Team in Düsseldorf als Teilnehmer des Reverse Programms der konkreten Friedensdienstes. Er berichtet in diesem Blog über seine Erfahrungen dabei.

Sept. 19th, 2019. "Hello, I am Richard Matey, a young environmentalist who works with Abibiman Foundation in Ghana as the Programmes Officer. Abibiman Foundation is a non partisan, non governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, peace and development. I am a participant for the KF Reverse programme for 2019. I arrived in Düsseldorf on the 31st of August 2019. I started off the KF Reverse programme with the programme seminar in Dortmund from the 3rd to the 5th of September, 2019. There was a warm welcome from all the participants of this year’s programme, a round of introductions  to know each other and socializing to get acquainted with each other as well. Markus Pfeil, our facilitator for the 3 days induction seminar took us through very exciting and thought provoking sessions. The first day had presentations from Engagement Global, Eine Welt Netz and German Watch. It was very intriguing when we as participants had to do a little work on rearranging the 17 goals of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development according to order of priority as we deem fit.

We were elated in the positioning of some of the goals in order of importance or preference as we had diverse opinions on where to put some of the goals, for example; goal 5,7 and 17 and  also goal 1 which is on no poverty. My team was diverse in opinion on what poverty is in relative terms. Moving forward, we all enjoyed the great presentations from each participants on our work in the respective  organizations which we are from. In addition to that, we  had to plan for our trip to Brussels and talk about very interesting topics of discussion from the EU for our engagement in Brussels. Issues of trade policy, climate financing, agriculture and energy were looked at for dialogue. Learning and experiencing the rich cultural diversity was as important for me for connecting, networking and for enhancing co-creation. My stay in Germany for the past week has been very wonderful, enegaging and full of excitement as I have met with new friends building great networks."

Eine Welt Netz NRW @ 2019
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